Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back in the land of the living

Well its been a long time since I've checked in here.....been busy moving country, moving house and getting ready for baby......busy busy busy!  There has been absolutely no crafting going on, too many other things to occupy my time.  At the moment my mind is all on getting the house organised...after living overseas for so long we have next to no furniture so I'm busy looking everywhere I can to fill all the spaces we have now and to give me something to unpack things into!  And I really need to work on getting the baby room in a state ready for the baby instead of the dumping ground for boxes that it seems to have become...less than 3 weeks to go...this big mumma needs to get her act together....feeling so disorganised and yet lacking the energy to get it all done...oh dear!

So hopefully over the next few weeks I'll share some of my inspiration and ideas for turning our new house into our home and get some more of those boxes unpacked and clearing the bombsite that is currently my house...wish me luck!!