Monday, December 3, 2012

A Twiggy Christmas Tree

Christmas is normally my favourite time of year, but this year the Christmas spirit is yet to really hit me....theres no new decorations made, kids crafts done, menus planned, or pressies organised.....and I've only got 3 weeks left before the big day...eekk!

We had an early Christmas celebration this past weekend with my family, as Mum is heading off overseas over the Christmas period.  A change of plans meant we ended up having it at my place, so out came the Christmas decorations on Friday night.  We don't have a tree yet so I had to be a bit creative to find something to hang the decorations on....I had seen twig trees around online and in magazines so thought I'd go with that idea ......luckily we have a few dead trees in the garden! 

I really love how it turned adds a lovely little festive touch to the house and I think it will stay up even after we get a real tree.  I used the branches a la natural but I think they would look great painted as well. 
So what sort of Christmas tree will you have this year....real, fake or a twig or two?