Monday, December 3, 2012

A Twiggy Christmas Tree

Christmas is normally my favourite time of year, but this year the Christmas spirit is yet to really hit me....theres no new decorations made, kids crafts done, menus planned, or pressies organised.....and I've only got 3 weeks left before the big day...eekk!

We had an early Christmas celebration this past weekend with my family, as Mum is heading off overseas over the Christmas period.  A change of plans meant we ended up having it at my place, so out came the Christmas decorations on Friday night.  We don't have a tree yet so I had to be a bit creative to find something to hang the decorations on....I had seen twig trees around online and in magazines so thought I'd go with that idea ......luckily we have a few dead trees in the garden! 

I really love how it turned adds a lovely little festive touch to the house and I think it will stay up even after we get a real tree.  I used the branches a la natural but I think they would look great painted as well. 
So what sort of Christmas tree will you have this year....real, fake or a twig or two?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back in the land of the living

Well its been a long time since I've checked in here.....been busy moving country, moving house and getting ready for baby......busy busy busy!  There has been absolutely no crafting going on, too many other things to occupy my time.  At the moment my mind is all on getting the house organised...after living overseas for so long we have next to no furniture so I'm busy looking everywhere I can to fill all the spaces we have now and to give me something to unpack things into!  And I really need to work on getting the baby room in a state ready for the baby instead of the dumping ground for boxes that it seems to have become...less than 3 weeks to go...this big mumma needs to get her act together....feeling so disorganised and yet lacking the energy to get it all done...oh dear!

So hopefully over the next few weeks I'll share some of my inspiration and ideas for turning our new house into our home and get some more of those boxes unpacked and clearing the bombsite that is currently my house...wish me luck!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Felt Owl picture

So we are on the final countdown to moving back to New Zealand, only 2 sleeps to go!  My days have been spent packing, packing and more has to be one of my most hated jobs...its one of those jobs that just never seems to end!!

Here's a cute little owl picture I made for my daughter last year...using my favourite material - felt. I sewed the picture together, slightly stuffing them and then hot glued them to the cardboard.    It was inspired by a birthday card that she had received....I think my favourite part is the cute little heart balloons.  I would love to make some more of these, maybe a project for me over the next month  for the baby's room.

So from New Caledonia, its au revoir from me......I could be offline for a while, we are staying with  family for the next 6 weeks until we can get into our house, so internet access will be limited......more time for me to enjoy all the pleasures that my home country has to offer....yeah so happy to finally be back at home!

In the meantime those packing boxes are calling my name again...sigh!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Paper Hanging Star

Well there's no crafting going on around here.....everything is in the process of getting packed up ready for shipping back to NZ....hooray!!

I snapped a few shots while I was packing of things I have made so thought I would share these with you over the coming posts.

I made this star last year for Miss4 - I love how this looks hanging up in her room.  I think a group of these hanging together would look great. I'm also thinking maybe a mobile for the babys room with little stars hanging at different levels would look pretty cute.  I'm not too sure if this star will survive the shift, but if it doesn't I can always make some more.....they are super easy to make and look great.....the perfect little craft project.

These would make great Christmas or party decorations as well.

I followed the tutorial at annekata, and used two sheets of scrapbook paper which is the perfect weight for making them and makes a good sized star.  I definitely recommend giving these a go.

PS: I tried out the new photo editing site PicMonkey for these pics, need to have more of a play but it looks like a good replacement for the now defunct Picnik.  Hopefully now my photos will look a bit better, they need all the help I can give them sometimes!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Island Life

I'm on the countdown to finally going home to New Zealand after 6 1/2 years away in Australia and New Caledonia - only 3 weeks to go yippee!!  For the past two years we have been in New Caledonia, a small French governed island in the Pacific, and to be honest it has been a very long 2 years, I really can't wait to leave!

Things I'm looking forward to:
  • English speaking people (they speak French here and I don't, it makes everything so difficult!)
  • The simple pleasure of reading a Sunday paper or magazine
  • Fruit and Vege stores, where supply is plentiful and stock is fresh -some of the stuff they try to sell here is criminal!
  • Shopping - ah  to have variety, choice, cheaper prices, craft stores - credit card get ready for a thrashing!
  • Being closer to family and friends especially with new bubs on the way
  • Living in one place longer than a couple of years - finally I can settle, nest, decorate, start a business!

Things I'll miss:
  • The food - ah the pastries, baguettes, crepes, salted butter caramel sauce, mmmmm
  • The lovely mild winters - we are so going to freeze when we get back home, Miss4 has no idea what cold is, shes in for a shock!
  • The beaches along with their lovely warm water
  • The simple stressfree lifestyle
  • My daughter will miss being able to run round in just her undies 95% of the time!

Things I wont miss:
  • The humidity and the rain (just has not stopped raining here for months!)
  • Shops closing for lunch - lost count of the number of times I was caught out by that one - grrrr
  • The simple stressfree lifestyle - not much to do round here especially when its raining!
  • Not being able to communicate with people, no more pigeon english and charades required!
  • Waiting for the ship to come in - most things are imported here, and you often have shortages on the basics
  • French bureaucratic red tape - they love their paperwork here.
  • Cheques - they are king here, hello NZ circa 1980's - bring on the EFTPOS.
  • The expense - wow this place is really expensive, and I hate being ripped off! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finger Puppets

I made some finger puppets ages ago for my daughter - they were a bit rough (my sewing skills totally letting me down again!) but still looked pretty cute.  I decided that I would give them another go to add  to my nieces birthday present.  This time I decided to stay well away from the sewing machine and just hand stitch them which turned out to be the right decision!

I used the templates from Handmade by Jill for the cow, pig and chicken and the crocodile.  I'm not sure where the horse came from ( I just copied what I had made previously).  So the crocodile doesn't really fit in with the rest of the farm animals but I thought it was too cute not to make - next time I'll add some teeth - snap, snap!

I then decided that I needed something to put all the animals into so I made a little felt house for them.....ideally it should have been a barn, but I started it late one night and a house was just easier...yes I do roll that way!  I just freehanded it (not really recommended, if your eye is as out as mine!) so it took a bit of trimming here and there to get it looking symetrical, and then a bit of quick stitching and a velcro flap and voila we have a cute little house for all the animals. I might try and make a barn next for my daughters animals - if so I might attempt a tutorial so then I will have to do it properly!

Front of House

Back of house - flap needs to be a bit bigger me thinks - one of the problems of freehanding it!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ballerina Cards

Hope everyone had a great Easter....a pretty quiet one here, Good Friday is not celebrated in New Caledonia and then the boy had to work all day Saturday so it was just like a normal 2 day weekend for us......with the exception of lots of easter eggs, homemade hot cross buns, some sneaky pastries and some gorgeous sunny weather.

Last week I made a couple of birthday cards for my daughter and niece, who are both turning 4 next week.  I took my inspiration from these cards that I've had pinned for a while now - I thought they looked like great fun for kids - they're cute right?!

Pop Up Cards @ Ikat bag
Knowing how great my drawing skills are I went in search of something I could cut and paste instead - much safer that way!  I found some lovely vintage paper doll images "Betsy McCall" that looked a treat.  I printed them out and played around until I had the right size for the card.  Next I added some pretty accordian folded paper for the tutu, added some extra bits and voila a card that I am sure two little girls are going to enjoy receiving.

These are the two ballerina images I used:
Purple Ballerina
Pink Ballerina