Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finger Puppets

I made some finger puppets ages ago for my daughter - they were a bit rough (my sewing skills totally letting me down again!) but still looked pretty cute.  I decided that I would give them another go to add  to my nieces birthday present.  This time I decided to stay well away from the sewing machine and just hand stitch them which turned out to be the right decision!

I used the templates from Handmade by Jill for the cow, pig and chicken and the crocodile.  I'm not sure where the horse came from ( I just copied what I had made previously).  So the crocodile doesn't really fit in with the rest of the farm animals but I thought it was too cute not to make - next time I'll add some teeth - snap, snap!

I then decided that I needed something to put all the animals into so I made a little felt house for them.....ideally it should have been a barn, but I started it late one night and a house was just easier...yes I do roll that way!  I just freehanded it (not really recommended, if your eye is as out as mine!) so it took a bit of trimming here and there to get it looking symetrical, and then a bit of quick stitching and a velcro flap and voila we have a cute little house for all the animals. I might try and make a barn next for my daughters animals - if so I might attempt a tutorial so then I will have to do it properly!

Front of House

Back of house - flap needs to be a bit bigger me thinks - one of the problems of freehanding it!


  1. Super cute - both the puppets and the house! :)

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I thought the alligator was a frog...which where always around on my grandparents farm...so there, they all fit!

    I love, love love this idea. Thanks for sharing. I am going to show my daughter...who has am uncanny obsession with pigs...lol! I'm sure we will be making some.

    1. Please excuse my typos:

      *were* always

      who has *an*

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