Thursday, October 27, 2011

We have lift off!

Time to get this show on the road!! There may be a few bumps and wrong turns along the way, but the journey's whats important right?  

Last month my niece turned 6 and I was totally lacking gift inspiration after looking at the shops {shopping isn't exactly what you would call great here in the islands!}.   So something handmade it had to be!  I knew that she was getting a new desk  so I thought I would make a few things to pretty up her new workspace.

Firstly I made this cute little bouquet of paper rosettes, inspired by this halloween display.  The rosettes are quick and easy to make, and there are a heap of tutorials around to help you out.  My top tips would be to use paper rather than cardstock as its easier to fold giving you crisper folds, and when folding your two strips start each one differently - one starting with the patterned side on top, and one with the back on should make sense when you do it.... doing this will help when you join the two strips together.

I hotglued skewers to the back of the rosettes and then popped them in a tin can that I covered with scrapbook paper and filled with florist foam.   To finish it off I added some green florist paper{saved from the old days when I used to get flowers!} and a ribbon.

Pretty cute ah.....I can see a lot more rosettes in my future, and with all the inspiration here it should keep me busy for a while. 

I also made a matching tin for her to put all her pens in, a little sign for her desk, and then just for fun a disguise kit.

I love giving handmade gifts, it adds that little extra bit of thought and love to gift giving I think. So do you like to make gifts too, do you have a favourite go to gift?  I've got my Mum's birthday coming up in a couple of weeks and have no ideas yet what to make her, better work on finding some inspiration again.


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