Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Stash

One thing I've learning since living in the islands, is if you see something you want at the supermarket{or any shop really}, buy it there and then, because you can guarantee next time you go it won't be there and it may be months{or never} before you see it again!

So when I saw rice crackers in the supermarket the other day {which I've only seen twice in  1 1/2 years }, I made the most of it, is 30 packets too normal circumstances I would say yes, but living in the islands does funny things to you, see one packet is missing already.....but the checkout chick may have thought I was a bit crazy as she gave me a weird sideward glance.

Now they can keep my stash of spaghetti company {seen only once here}, I think I took at least half the stock, snooze you lose people!

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