Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flower Power - lovelies for the hair

Well I don't know where the last month has gone, which I guess is pretty common at this time of year.  Not great form when you have just started blogging to take a month off, but I just haven't felt like writing lately and my creativity seems to have dried up completely....not a great way to start the year but things can only get better!

Today I thought I would share some of the Christmas pressies I made for my two nieces, a little selection of hair accessories, because a girl can't have enough lovelies for their hair, now can they!

First up are these lovely little ric rac flowers, these look super cute and are really easy to make.  I followed this tutorial and then just hot glued them to some clips.

Next I made some flowers out of felt and t-shirt material using the easy to follow tutorial here, and then attached to some hairbands - easy!  You have to love the glue gun!

This flower clip was made out of felt and again armed with a pair of scissors and some hot glue was easy to make. The tutorial is here if you want to make one - I used a much simpler flower design (5 petals from memory), basically because it was easier to cut out, more petals would add more texture to the petals.  {On a side note totally love the pics for the flower on the tutorial, the baby is just too cute!}.

I had seen these rolled fabric flowers all over pinterest so of course had to give them a go!

Sew some circles together in pretty colours and you have yourself some lovely little clips.

I think this lot should keep some little girls happy for a while...now I just need find my creativity again so I can finish off making some for my own daughter!!


  1. I love your flowers! My girls would love these. Might have to add these to my ever expanding list of things to make!!

  2. I just have to make myself some ric rac roses! They look adorable! Well done! :)