Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pom Pom Garland

I am slowly getting back into making things again after a very slow start to the year.  I have a couple of incentives to get things made now......we are moving back to NZ this year and will finally move into our own house in July so I can decorate away to my hearts content and we are expecting our second baby in August so now theres twice as much to be made!

I bought some wool before Christmas with the intention of making a pom pom garland for MissM for Christmas but morning sickness put all crafting on the back burner.  I finally dragged it out the other day and started making pom poms....we do have a pom pom maker but of course I couldn't find it so I just used my fingers to make them{see tutorial here for instructions on how to make}.  I had great fun making these although no matter how I wound my wool my fingers always ended up being squished together and slowly changing colour to resemble that of the wool! 

I made them in a range of purple tones...MissM's FAVOURITE colour and strung them together by simply threading a piece of wool through the middle of the garland.  I love how it turned out and it was a really easy project.

You will have to excuse the photo of them hanging up, the light was terrible and the walls look terrible {can you see all the bluetak marks on the wall - ekkk, any ideas on how I can get rid of those?}but the garland does look a lot nicer hanging up than the photo suggests.

Right I'm off to work on another purple project for the girls room....its one of those projects you almost wish you hadn't started as its very time consuming!  Hopefully will have some photos to share later in the week.

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